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With the high level of uncertainty associated with complex regulatory changes, soaring medical and indemnity costs and a lack of viable alternative solutions, workers’ compensation has become a growing concern in the business community.


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New York has seen a lot of reform to workers' compensation legislation as of late. Whether a private or municipal self-insurer, you likely have questions about these changes, particularly related to NYS Workers’ Compensation Assessments. 

Questions like:


* What information do we need to gather and submit on a quarterly basis?

* How do we submit our payroll and assessment payment?

* How can we estimate our assessments for the year?

* How important is it to have accurate payroll classifications?

* Do inaccurate classification codes have an impact on the amount we pay in assessments? *

* How will the State audit the payroll figures we submit?


SFI can answer these questions and others regarding NYS Workers' Compensation Assessmements.To visit articles pertaining to these regulatory changes and other relevant news, click here.




There are constant developments in NYS Workers' Compensation legislation, particularly given aformentioned reforms.  To stay on top of the most relevant news stories, click here.