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With lenders, owners and contractors, CIC provides strategic risk insight. Our experience and alliances fortify your business and projects.

Our Construction Consulting Services are 100% fee-based.

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Project Risk Consultants

CIC has established a partnership with Project Risk Consultants Inc. (PRC). Our capabilities—combined with the services of PRC and the expertise of its founder, Richard Resnick—counsel contractors from project inception to completion.


Contractual Risk Management

CIC's construction scope supports clients with industry navigation. This encompasses challenges of reviewing and crafting insurance specifications and indemnification language for contracts, requests-for-proposals and vendor agreements.

Magnifying Glass

Program Evaluation

An independent specialized analysis of the construction insurance program is conducted. Elements explored include program type, carrier assessment, coverage specifics and limits based on reported exposures. With CIC, clients receive continuing education specific to construction risk, strategies for mitigation and transfer, as well as updates on market trends.


Project Specific Work

CIC's range of services specific to the construction industry include: project feasibility studies, project safety audits, wrap-up administration, OCIP/CCIP programs or analysis, and expert witness.

Tool Time

SubContractor Review

A key component to project success is subcontracting. CIC assists contractors in setting insurance specifications for this significant group. Core services include due diligence insurance reviews of individual subcontractors, compliance logs, and quarterly reporting.


Certificate Monitoring

CIC provides a full suite of options, ranging from straightforward certificate monitoring to expansive policy limitation, form and endorsement reviews. Insurance documentation, coverage and compliance are tracked for accuracies and compliance. On your behalf, our team efforts are supported using client-specific software.

Owner seeks to develop $200 million, multi-use building in a metro area. The project is complex because neighboring buildings require access agreements.


Owner must navigate a multiphase RFP process for demolition and construction contractors. Contractors are required to carry insurance specific to neighboring building access agreements.


The CIC construction team worked with the Owner’s legal advisor and neighbors' insurance brokers. Appropriate and reasonable insurance requirements were established to meet access agreements. Throughout each phase of the project, CIC advised the Owner on crafting of RFP insurance requirements and indemnification language. RFP respondents were vetted for insurance including review and negotiation. Furthermore, the awarded contractor's insurance programs were monitored throughout all phases of the project.


Throughout the more than three year construction project, CIC worked alongside the Owner guaranteeing that all insurance complexities were reviewed, negotiated and ultimately acceptable.

A construction partner anticipates a client's needs.

CIC is that proactive partner.

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