Why would your borrower’s insurance program be your responsibility?

Flooding. Wind damage. Hacked computers. Ruined stock or materials. If your borrower has cracks in their insurance coverage and events such as these aren’t covered, how will they repay their loan if the unthinkable happens?

Too often, banks are damaged by what they didn’t know about their borrowers’ insurance policies. Lender Review Services from Commercial Insurance Consultants fills this knowledge gap. We can significantly reduce your risk exposure by evaluating your borrower’s insurance risk and fixing it before a loss occurs.

It’s our business to know insurance…not sell it.  We have the expertise of former lenders, which bridges the gap between the lending and insurance contracts. While our broad scope of knowledge in both finance and insurance distinguishes us from other insurance consultants, our commitment to education and clear communication empowers you to make choices for the best possible outcome.

We are 100% committed to insightful and thorough insurance due diligence that protects you and your borrower.

Lender Review Services

Our team works in an independent atmosphere of technical experience and confidentiality that can be tailored to fit the needs and requirements of even the largest and most diverse lender. Our flexibility lets you choose the review’s focus and tailor the end product to meet your needs, however specific or comprehensive they may be.

Lender Review services include:

  • Insurance due diligence aimed at supporting the lending process through the review and analysis of borrowers’ insurance programs.
  • Assistance in identifying and obtaining binding documentation supporting the lender’s insurable interests under its borrowers insurance program.
  • On-going insurance due diligence, including annual monitoring of borrower’s program and assistance in addressing potential coverage or exposure issues that could adversely affect the lender and/or its borrower.
  • Protecting lenders from unforeseen insurance risks their borrowers may have, while still maintaining the integrity of the underwriting process.
  • Preserving the lender’s ability to collect insurance proceeds in the event the insured breaches its responsibilities.

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