Since 1976, our solutions have protected our client’s balance sheets by providing valuable information that is clear, unbiased and transparent. Business owners, lenders, executives and risk managers appreciate how our expertise has the capability to cover the entire array of an organization’s current and potential risks, ultimately turning insurance into a strategic planning tool.

Risk comes in many forms: financial, reputational, operational and human resources. We understand the complete picture no matter how small, large or unusual your organization’s needs may be.

Our unique ability to understand true comprehensive risk management means we can identify what will benefit you most right now. We also recognize that organizations evolve - so we offer solutions that work with the natural cycle of your organization’s anticipated growth and development. Click on the links below to learn more.

Outsourced Risk Management
Our assessments and recommendations can expand your management team’s ability to make critical decisions regarding risk by giving them the knowledge, tools and support they need.

Lender Review
What you don’t know about your borrower’s insurance policy can hurt you. We’ll make sure your investment is protected by evaluating the terms and conditions of your borrower’s policies, identifying gaps and fixing them before a loss occurs and it becomes your problem.  

Loss Consulting
Whether in the wake of a catastrophic event or a series of smaller losses, we’ll help you identify, prevent and reduce causes of loss while ensuring you get full benefits from your carrier that you are entitled to receive.

Workers Compensation Consulting
Imagine turning your organization’s insurance costs into a profit generator. Self Funding, Inc. (SFI) will let you know if your organization qualifies and handle all the details to make it happen. 

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