Third Party Compliance and Monitoring

You may call it certificate monitoring.

To CIC, it's insurance compliance and due diligence.


Its consequences are so critical, decision makers must thoroughly understand it.

Here's how CIC comprehensively safeguards your business where other sources fall short...

Although scenarios vary, the outcome can be the same:
monumental—even catastrophic—hit to your business when insurance documentation is not collected, enforced or adequately developed from vendors, subcontractors and/or third party relationships.


Even for companies with internal insurance teams, professional insight and education often is deficient. Nuances of this complex and crucial dimension frequently are left to interpretation and assumption.


Undetected endorsements and exclusions can leave a company exposed.


For your business to be protected completely, third party insurance documentation must be verified with all-encompassing, objective processes. That includes sharply focused attention paid to distinctions among industries.

CIC performs a methodical, industry specific series of examinations detailing third party insurance requirements, renewals and compliance. This overarching evaluation protects your business from oversight.


  • Process Introduction: Initial Consultation

  • Analysis: Industry Specific Contractual Insurance Requirement Review

  • Software Customization: Criteria and Implementation

  • Ongoing Monitoring: Compliance and Coverage Adequacy Reviews

  • CIC's Audit Process: An Overall Insurance Assessment

Our Third Party Compliance and Monitoring Services are
100% fee-based. We do not sell insurance.

We fill insurance voids that decision makers often overlook.

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