Are you tired of riding the rollercoaster with your workers’ compensation program?

With the volatility of the workers’ compensation industry since the 2007 reforms, there’s a good chance that your organization has faced a number of challenges in securing cost effective risk financing options for workers’ compensation liabilities. You’re not alone! Many organizations have seen significant premium increases and have been forced to change carriers and/or programs to control their costs on almost an annual basis. Economic uncertainty and an insurance market where organizations have higher premiums and fewer options only add to the grievance. In today’s business environment, organizations using experienced, independent workers’ compensation consultants are being rewarded with the most cost-efficient and effective solutions.

A consultant will give you the guidance, oversight and education on alternative risk financing solutions you need to ensure your business is supported by a healthy risk management program, not burdened by it.

Do you have questions about NYS Workers' Compensation Assessments?

Whether a private or municipal self-insurer, you likely have questions about your New York State Workers’            Compensation Assessments, such as: What information do we need to gather and submit on a quarterly basis? How do we submit our payroll and assessment payment? How can we estimate our assessments for the year? How important is it to have accurate payroll classifications? Do inaccurate classification codes have an impact on the amount we pay in assessments? How will the State audit the payroll figures we submit?  We can answer these questions and any others that you might have regarding NYS Workers' Compensation Assessmements.  As a matter of fact, we even have documentation we can provide your business to help better understand the Assessments, as well as live help via social media that we'll soon offer to interact with you and your colleagues on the topic. Click here for more information.

We Are on Your Side

Commercial Insurance Consultants, Inc. (CIC), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Self Funding, Inc., can provide the unbiased expertise necessary to ensuring that your workers’ compensation program is managed at an optimum level, ultimately creating a healthier, more positive environment for your staff and bottom line.

As a full-service insurance consultant, we take the time to understand your organizational needs and partner with you, your broker(s) and insurance carriers to develop and implement a plan to identify and prevent causes of loss and to mitigate costs associated with losses.

Our services include:

  • Evaluation of internal risk management programs including accident reporting, safety programs, etc. with recommendations for enhancements and improvements.
  • Auditing claims to analyze adequacy and appropriateness of claims handling and reserving rationales.
  • Review of monthly loss run reports for the purpose of monitoring large claim activity.
  • Establishing and attending quarterly claims review meetings for the purpose of reviewing and facilitating effective resolution of outstanding claims.
  • Coordinating with insurance carrier loss control personnel to review your safety plans and sites, as well as to address any recommendations for improvement.
  • Calculation ofReview of Experience Rating (ER), including accuracy of classifications.
  • Verification of premium audit results for accuracy.
  • Review of collateral requirements, retro-rating adjustments, dividend and/or assessment calculations.
  • Exploration of alternative risk financing strategies.
  • Administration of Request for Proposal (RFP) processes.

Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Plans

CIC (SFI) has been providing workers’ compensation management services to municipalities, school districts and commercial clients for over 20 years. True to our innovative tendencies and devotion to putting our clients first, we recognized that there were many organizations that were paying significant workers’ compensation premiums but not getting the most effective results from those dollars.

We have developed a focused set of services devoted to analyzing these particular situations and determining if self-insurance was a reasonable and practical solution. Our internally developed feasibility study conservatively compares the organizations current workers’ compensation program to self-insurance and analyzes the cost savings and other benefits that may be realized through self-insurance. The results of our analysis are provided in an executive summary including our methodologies, conclusions and recommendations.

If self-insurance is deemed as a viable alternative for your program, we will continue our services with the administration of your self-insurance program.

These services include:

  • Navigation through the self-insurance application process
  • Securing approval for self-insurance
  • Administering an RFP to select a third party administrator
  • Marketing the Excess Insurance
  • Establishing Claims Handling Procedures
  • Supervising Claims Administration
  • Reviewing Board Assessments
  • Loss Control Services
  • Performance Reports

We have converted over 80 entities including municipalities, school districts and commercial businesses to successful self-insurance programs and have saved our clients approximately $40 million as a result of our efforts. Click here to learn more about self funding services.

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